• dr Krzysztof Kolecki

    Temat: Insure your psychedelic journey. Health and safety principles and the principles of the effectiveness of entheogenic experience

    Enteogens are not drugs. Entheogens are not means that “mimic” mental illness. Although they have been and are still banned, from the beginning of the 21st century, clinical research on them is experiencing a renaissance. They prove their great usefulness in the treatment of many ailments, including those previously considered incurable. But that’s not all – people who are open to transpersonal experiences have always used these resources on their own and will continue to do so.
    Therefore, until the standards of psychedelic psychotherapy practices are opened, it is worth taking care of the security standards of ordinary “non-clinical” users. This lecture will be about it. I will show examples of such activities in the West offered by NGOs, I will draw up clear principles of taking care of the “health and safety” of the psychedelic trip. I will explain what factors and how they affect safety and at the same time increase the quality of the psychedelic (entheogenic) experience.

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