• Kasia Bem

    Temat: Sivananda yoga session

    The classic Sivananda yoga session lasts 90 minutes. It always begins with relaxation, then two breathing exercises are performed: Kapalabhati’s energizing, cleansing breath followed by the harmonizing breathing of Anuloma Viloma. Later, 12 repetitions of Sun Greeting (Surya Namaskar) are made, followed by 12 asanas, performed in a fixed order. Asana system contains all types of positions performed in yoga, ie forward bends, backward slopes, standing positions, reversed, equivalent etc. At the end of the practice, a long relaxation led by the teacher is performed. A yoga session according to the Sivananda method brings the effect of a deep inner balance. It builds strong, flexible bodies, improves the work of internal organs and calms the mind.
    About the host:
    Yoga and meditation teacher, 2nd degree specialization, RYT 800. Has the honorable title of Master of Yoga, awarded in the Sivananda yoga system. For years, he has been running his own workshops and outreach programs: Happy Detoks, Yoga Twarza, Potęga Ciszy. He writes about yoga and a healthy lifestyle for magazines: Yoga Magazine, Beauty Art of Life and appears in other media as an expert. Author of bestsellers “Happy Detoks”, “Happy Beauty”, “Happy Yoga”.

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