• Anna Węgrzyn

    Temat: How to make a change in life without fear

    Anna Węgrzyn – passionate about life, Change Strategist. Certified ICC coach, mediator. Has 25 years of practical & strategic experience in business. Woke up one day, quit her corporate job and changed her whole life. Loves the path she’s walking now.

    She met many amazing and respected teachers along the way: Athony Robbins, Jaap Holender, Robert Cialdini, Harv Eker, and Nick Vujcic. She supports people in solving problems and achieving their goals. Anna runs a motivational portal as well as psychotherapy and

    personality development center in Wilanów, Warsaw under a brand she created “Zmiany w Życiu”

    Her key competences are the ability to connect people, creativity and project management. She flew gliders, worked as a flight attendant, she loves scuba diving among corals. She recently pushed her limit by staying under water without a bottle for 4 minutes and 20 seconds!

     How to Make a Change in your life without fear?

    How often do you ask yourself, “Is there enough ME in my life? Am I in the right place?

    We are always on the run and often don’t have the courage to just stop and listen to what’s going on in our soul.

    Job dissatisfaction, stress, burnout

    Toxic relationships, loneliness

    Overstrain, no sense in life

    These are just some of the feelings that are constantly occurring in our lives.


    Know your limiting beliefs. (test)

    Find the right methods and tools to help you move

    See where you are in your life (exercise).

    To reach your goal, you need to know where you’re starting from.

    During the meeting you’ll learn about the speaker’s life journey, maybe her story can inspire you to take action and change your life!

    During the meeting you will also be able to create an effective action plan!

    Finally, there will be time for questions and surprises.





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