• About Festival


    Third edition of Festiwal Wibracje is coming soon – on a warm and sunny weekend between 13th and 16th of June 2019 in Białobrzegi near Warsaw (Poland).


    • 90 speakers from Poland and abroad
    • 100 hours of lectures
    •  50 hours of workshops
    •  concerts and bonfires
    •  workshops for children
    •  yoga and meditation
    •  music and dancing … as well as loads of joy, bonding and love ♡


    The programme consists of 5 thematic clusters

    • Lectures: lectures and presentations are held by specialists, devices’ and inventions’ presentations.
    • Workshops: interactive activities, diy, experiments
    • Psycho-physical activities: meditating, yoga, dancing, work with the body
    • Concerts: ethnic music, healing music (singing bowls, gongs)
    • Display stands: stands where the most interesting services and goods concerned with healthy lifestyle, natural building etc. are presented and where books and journal on the subject are available

    What we discuss:

    • Personal and spiritual development: psychology, meditating, work on your body and mind
    • Natural medicine: unconventional medicine, herbal medicine, healing sounds, civilisation diseases: diagnostics and prophylaxis, bioresonance, psychoneuroimmunology, balanced diet, Ayurveda, Chinese traditional medicine, total biology
    • Alternative, organic lifestyle: clay houses, organic farming, V. Schauberger’s discoveries: living water, permaculture, ecovillages, zero waste
    • Inventions and new technologies: eco-building, reverse osmosis, orgone energy, inonizers
    • Ethnology, ethnobiology of shamanic ceremonies, tools and drums used for ceremonies, visual trance, lectures on enteogenes
    • Physics, chemistry and energy of a human body: biofeedback, sensory tanks, binaural waves and the brain, harmonising and increasing efficiency of the brain functioning
    • Ethnic music concerts, sound ceremonies, gongs and singing bowls, lots of bowls, some reggae.


    Day 1, Thursday: the programme starts at around 16:00. It’s main point is the opening ceremony in the evening – we’ll meet at a big, common bonfire where we’ll warm up our bodies and minds.

    Days 2 – 3, Friday – Saturday: the programme begins at 9:00 and ends with concerts at night (around midnight)

    Day 4, Sunday: we wrap up at around 17:00 Lectures and workshops are held in 3 conference rooms in the hotel, as well as in the open in a big lecture tent and on two stages. There is no registration to the workshops nor lectures.

    A complete agenda of Wibracje 3.0 will be published in May. Starting in November 2018 we will announce names of the speakers, guests and artists who will be on the programme. If there’s someone you’d really like to hear during the festival, message us.
    We’ll do our best to invite speakers and guests enjoying particular popularity and esteem.


    Anna Muchnicka

    Anna Muchnicka

    The Path of Loving- Kindness : vipassana and metta meditation in practice


    Music Stage



    The complete schedule of the Festival Wibracje 3.0 will be published in May 2019