• Wojciech Górecki

    Temat: Hypnosis - the way to the subconscious

    Wojciech Górecki, psychologist, psychotherapist, hypnotherapist

    A student of an outstanding hypnologist prof. Maria Szulc, who, based on many years of hypnosis research, developed a unique hypnotherapy method. He runs the Hypnosis Cabinet and hypnotherapy for them. prof. Maria Szulc in Warsaw since 2001. Using many years of experience and extensive psychological knowledge, she achieves very good results in therapy.

    As the only one in Poland, he uses the method of psychobiostimulation (depth psychotherapy) and hypnotherapy, which are characterized by high effectiveness in the treatment of addictions (alcoholism), neurotic disorders, anxiety, depression, speech defects, sexual dysfunctions, and sleep disorders. He is constantly updating and expanding his knowledge in the field of psychology and hypnagogy.

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