• Robert Kwiatek

    Temat: Colloidal silver - a multi-level health map

    I will present a multilevel – layered map – a pattern of disease formation, the most important reasons, their impact on subsequent stages of falling ill, real causes, recognition and effective methods for healing all ailments. It’s not the doctor or medicine heals, it’s just your own body – you only have to give him a chance. Very simple facts, the use of which will restore your youth.

    About the host:
    Mgr.inż IT specialist. I started to repair my life a few years ago. I have now brought back joy and self-determination. I draw the path of transformation, I mark the signposts and remove the shaky stones to model those who paved the way for me and I removed the shaky stones with what they follow. The map I paint is my personal contribution to humanity for these years.


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