• Monika Kamola

    Temat: Astrology - a personal development tool

    My name is Monika Kamola and I am an Astrologer, Numerologist and Tarocist. For almost half of my life I lived in Great Britain and I studied Astrology there. I also received correspondence from American Astrologers.

    I am an astrologer who every day for 7 years describes on Facebook what is happening in space and how it affects us. As I have the soul of an artist, I perceive our cosmos in a fabulous and sometimes dramatic way. I’m also interested in psychology and psychiatry, so my daily descriptions on Astro Atelier are sometimes one large mine to our subconscious. I will describe it all in a very simple way and without astrological workshop words, so all my listeners easily understand the complicated cosmic transits that are going on every day.

    I believe that everyone should know Astrology because it is a wonderful tool to understand oneself – how space has been created for us and what is our destiny. It is also easier, thanks to astrological knowledge, to understand your own life patterns and scenarios of events …. sometimes very painful.

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