• Monika Czyżewska

    Temat: Discover the secret of inheritance of ancestral patterns

    The lecture will give you the answer, what to do to make your ancestral loads cease to rebuild. Without this knowledge you can reach for various methods, and after some time you can wake up again at the start

    About the host:
    since 2000. works with people who are stuck in their lives. Some have stuck in a toxic compound or a whole series of compounds. Others are stuck in a job that gives them money, but steals the soul. Still others are stuck in their loneliness and in the deprecating image of themselves and the world. Some have stuck in a role they can not stand and others are stuck in a business that was supposed to give freedom and became a personal prison. Czyżyk – using the Healthy Fullness tools releasing cellular memory from the record of traumas, loads, parasites and blocking programs – leads People to their Personal Healthy Fullness. To the place where it is known that being stuck in life was the greatest foolishness, traumas and burdens killed dreams, and the real release from them allows you finally to live the life you love, in which you love and which matters!

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