• Karolina Grabowska & Helena Pomeroy

    Temat: Gestalt: Relations - art of contact

    The quality of our lives depends on the quality of our relationships “Esther Perel

    In life, we function in constant contact with others, with ourselves, with the surrounding world. The quality of this contact is the quintessence of our happiness and fulfillment.

    During this short workshop, we’ll look at our patterns of getting in touch. What makes us the greatest joy and what is the difficulty? We will ask questions with which we will go into the world, to people close to us and those who we do not know yet. Can these questions change anything in our relationships? Can they make us search further? We will work in the Gestalt approach, in which man is perceived as a whole. All dimensions are taken into account: intellect, emotions, body and spirituality. Based on work with the body and emotions, we will try to find answers to questions about our relationships.

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