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    Temat: The Path of Loving- Kindness : vipassana and metta meditation in practice

    It’s only after we’ve practiced many times that we’ll begin to notice a habit developing. Why do we maditate? How to start meditating and develop a daily practice? What are the benefits of vipassana and loving-kindness meditaion in a daily life? Learn basic of walking, sitting and loving kindness guided meditation.



    Vipassana means “to see things as they really are“. It is a process of self-purification by self-observation. While taught by the Buddha in India 2500 years ago, it is not connected with Buddhism or any other religion and can be practised by anyone without conflict with existing religious beliefs or absence of beliefs. In vipassana meditation, we become aware of our ever-changing experiences, without adding to what is going on through our reactions and projections. Vipassana meditation is taught during ten-day residential courses in Myanmar. This period has been found to be the minimum necessary for new students to understand the technique and its benefits through their own experience. However before you can sit for 12 hours per day in a lotus pose, a preparation is required. Therefore a daily short practice beforehand in a group or individualy for several years is recommended.

    Metta Meditation teaches a traditional practice for cultivating love, and applying it as a life-changing force. Dating back 2,500 years, the practice of metta (an ancient Buddhist term meaning “lovingkindness”) is a timeless method for unlocking your heart’s immense healing resources. During metta meditation, people are amazed to find out that they have a capacity for lovingkindness, both for themselves and for others. Due to our past conditioning, many of us do not trust our capacity to love. Metta involves a tremendous opening and purifying of our fields of intention, which can then infuse our vipassana practice as well as our entire life. We discover that we can indeed love and that everything comes back to love.

    Metta and Vipassana go hand in hand. It is recommended to practice them together. During this workshop you will experience both kinds of meditation and receive speific guidlines to use later in your daily practice.


    Anna Muchnicka spent the past seven years in Myanmar and Thailand learning relaxation, breathing, and meditation techniques. She’s a kundalini yoga teacher and a vipassana and metta loving-kindness meditation practitioner. She is a student of Professor Nodhinana, one of the best Pali language professors in the world, dean at the University of Theravada Buddhism in Yangon, Myanmar. She’s made the commitment to share with people these transformational technologies. Given the chaotic times, we need these practices more than ever to make a change inside out. She gave a TEDx talk on the benefits of loving-kindness meditation in the fast-paced society

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