• Alicja Sonia Bednarek

    Temat: Where There Is Shakti, There Is Always Shiva - about feminine and masculine energy in Tantra

    Tantra says that without the dynamism of Shakti – female energy, Shiva – male energy, is inert. However, he also says that without the presence and stability of Shiva, Shakti is uncontrollably wild. He represents pure mindfulness, delighted with its dynamics, she – the infinite intensity of creation, grounded in its durability.

    Together they create a dance that is eternal. In which one does not exist without the other. In which they are like two sides of a spinning coin … like love and love, like mindfulness and pleasure, like stability and transformation, like the flame and its heat. On the one hand, they completely exceed human sexes, and on the other hand, by living through our feminine and masculine bodies, they embody the qualities of their consciousness together in countless ways.

    During the workshop at the Festival, I will invite you to their cosmic and earthly world. You will learn colorful and interesting parables from tantric mythology. And you will also learn more about the qualities of each of them and why the inclusion of both of them is fundamental if you want to passionately create art from life, both as a woman and as a man.

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