on a warm and sunny weekend from September 3-6, 2020 (Thursday 14:00 – Sunday 17:00)


    Promenada Centrum Konferencyjno-Rekreacyjne, Spacerowa 35, 05-127 Białobrzegi, near Warsaw, Poland. Google Maps


    Early Birds

    Sold out!

    190 PLN

    Early Birds II

    Sold out!

    240 PLN

    Early Birds III

    sold out!

    290 PLN
    Regular pass

    You can buy the tickets at the Festival ticket office

    350 PLN


    four-day ticket entitling to multiple admission for 4 days of the Event (September 3-6, 2020)


    • participation in all attractions included in the program (we do not register for classes),
    •  campsite (equipped with toilets and showers),
    •  parking

    The ticket price depends on the sales turn. The sales round closes after the limit is reached. Information on subsequent sales rounds is available on our website and Facebook. Admission up to 10 years is free. The sales operator is Festicket.  Entering the event area is possible after presenting the ticket in electronic form (you do not have to print it – respect the trees!). The electronic ticket is exchanged at the festival ticket office for a wristband. From 22.00 to 08.30 the ticket offices are closed and we do not allow people without bands to enter the area. Tickets are personal – but it is possible to transfer it to another person. The staff reserves the right to verify the ticket owner based on an identity card, so keep it with you. If you have tickets for more people, you should appear in the whole group and enter in the presence of the person whose name appears on the ticket. Tickets are not refundable. Do you have a technical problem with the booking system? Write to: support.festicket.com. By purchasing a ticket, you accept the rules of participation in the Wibracje Festival available at www.wibracje.com.pl and at the Festival. We only accept cash at the festival ticket office.


    • we have a camping site (equipped with toilets and showers). The area of ​​the camping site is marked on the map of the area.
    • a place for campers – located on the festival grounds and has access to electricity. Entrance only with prior reservation of the place (to the e-mail: festiwal (monkey) on wibracje.com.pl). The cost for the whole Festival is 160 PLN, payable at the Festival box office. Take an extension of approx. 40 m with you. Places for campers (with electricity) are limited. Those who cannot fit can simply park in the general car park (included in the ticket price).


    We’d like to wholeheartedly invite you to a location you will surely love! The place is beautifully surrounded by a pine forest and it has an access to the lake with a big, sandy beach.

    In the festival area there will be a camping area, catering zone, sanitary zone (WCs and showers), as well as a parking lot (also for campers). The place is adapted for disabled people.

    Some of the events (concerts, psychomotor activities) will be held in two outdoor stages and a big tent.

    In the outdoor area of the festival you will find cosy spots with carpets, bag chairs and hammocks where the participants can conveniently sit down after a lecture and continue an insightful discussion with the lecturer.

    In the outdoor area you´ll also find the display stands.

    Lectures, some workshops and individual meetings will be held in 2 conference rooms in the facility.


    you can reach the very entrance to the festival area with a bus line 705 from Warsaw. We will also provide a dedicate shuttle bus from the Central Railway Station in Warsaw. City bus timetable.


    in a specially designated place 10 minutes walk from the resort.


    We provide an extensive catering zone with healthy food, including a vegan and vegetarian menu.


    We are glad that you come to us with family sets! Children always have a safe space with us and lots of attractions.

    mapka terenu festiwal wibracje

    Favourite Asked Questions

    Can aliens participate in the Festival?

    Yes, but only those with good intentions.

    Can we take kids with us?

    Please do! There’s space and activities dedicated for kids, and admission is free for all those under 11.

    Can we take our dog with us?

    No, it’s loud and a lot of people – please leave your dog at home.

    Can we take a goat with us?

    Sure, if we can milk it.

    Can we buy the tickets prior to the festival?

    Yes. Pre-sale starts in December 2019

    Where will I find information on the tickets’ price?

    Price list and purchase terms and conditions will be published together with the launch of the pre-sale.


    I bought an e-ticket, should bring a print-out to the festival?

    No need to do that, it’s enough if you display the ticket’s code on your mobile device or send it to us telepatically at the entrance to the festival. In the ticket booth you will get a wrist band.


    Is it possible to return the ticket?

    We do not accept returns.


    What is included in the price of the ticket?

    Participation in all points of the programme (lectures, workshops, concerts) without anz additional fees, goat parking lot, dancing barefoot and drumming till the dawn by the bonfire, out of this world experiences in the circle of friends J


    Do I need an ID?

    Yes, the the ticket holder name is on the ticket.


    Can I use another type of personal document instead of ID?

    Yes, image of your personal aura, signed by the notary.


    Can I buy the ticket on the day of the festival?

    Theoretically yes, while the amount of the tickets is limited. We encourage you to buy the tickets before the festival date.


    Is there going to be a campsite?

    Yes, and you can buy a campsite spot, sanitary facilities included, on-line before the date of the festival or on the day of the festival, given the spots are not sold out by then.


    How do I set up the tent?

    Main entrance directed at the North Star.


    How about accomodation in the hotel?

    You can book a room on-line (for the entire festival) by sending us an e-mail to rezerwacje@wibracje.com.pl


    How do I get to the festival?

    By land, air, or inland waters. We will also launch a shuttle bus to the festival, more information in the Spring 2020. For now we encourage to find partnaers for carpooling on our Facebook group:



    Is there a car parking lot on the festival’s premises?



    Is there a flying carpet parking lot on the festival’s premises?

    Yes, there will be designated spots over other participants’ cars.


    Is there a spot for phone charging?

    Yes, we will prepare charging spots in the facility, while we recommend to charge your own battery with sun and dancing J


    Is there going to be catering area?

    Yes! You will be able to pick and choose: thereäs going to be vegeterian, fruitarian, vitarian and breatharian food.


    Can I take part in the festival as a lecturer, exhibitor, volunteer, mascot or a good spirit?

    Of course! E-mail us to: festiwal@wibracje.com.pl


    When will be the 2020 programme published?

    One month before the date of the festival. Until then we will publish the bios of the lecturers on our website and Facebook profile.


    Please remember that you’re responsible for the energy that you’ll bring in to the festival.